S. W. Florida Sailing trips, Matlacha Sailing and Snorkel trips Matlacha Sailing of Fort Myers Beach Florida

2014 update. The tax exempt corporation EIN has been obtained and now begins the fundraising. The end result should be a boating school for underpriviledge kids along the entire Gulf Coast. Further devlopments will follow. This fun business began in the year 1999 the work boat was a Charlie Morgan 30, built in 1968. The boat was sold in 2006 an it was always planned to build an new multihull shoal draft vessel to continue the business. The new boat will be relatively fast so longer trips are being contemplated.

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ALL Kids under 12 free on all trips. Reservations taken by phone or by letter only.

----------------------------------------------TRIPS DEPARTING TO CAYO COSTA STATE PARK----------Best in April,May, ----------------------------------------- 50% advance fee required(for fuel).---- 9:00 am boarding,----------

Trip No. 1 will take you to this Lee Island State Park named CAYO COSTA. Great water for snorkelling. click & see

Trip No. 1:-----$100.00 gives 6 adults a full day to Cayo Costa State Park where water is clear enough for snorkeling during the Dry Season. Tannins from river rain water runoff make the water a brown hue during the rainy season, from June through October, and snorkelling trips are done from November to January and from March to June, before the rains arrive. BEST TIME FOR SNORKEL TRIPS IS IN NOVEMBER & MAY. A stop can be made at nearby Cabbage Key for lunch if desired. Snorkel gear, provided includes boots, wetsuits if needed, masks, snorkell, & fins. Camping sites and cabins are available here.

All these restaruants can easily be visited while on trips 1-3

This is the Gramma'Dot's restaurant on Sanibel Island

Here is another popular waterfront sports bar located at the North end of Pine Island

This is another where lunch could be taken at, The Waterfront Restaurant on Pine Island

Here is a link to Capt. Con's Restaurant in Bokelia, casual and informal dining

Here is a link for Berts Bar in Matlacha near the Bridge

Here is a link for Barnicle Phils out on North Captiva Island in a small anchorage called Safety Harbor, a former fishing village

People have requested to visit here for lunch, at the South Seas Plantation on Captiva Island

And here is the Crows nest Restaruant on Captiva with dockage just like all the others

Trip No. 2-----$100.00 gives 6 passengers a day of Shelling up to North Captiva Island and a stop off at any one of several waterfront restaurants for lunch if desired. The shelling is what u would expect on a beach with no road access. This trip is great for getting drift wood, and dried bits of sea sponges and stuff to make a really neat shell cabinet. Shelling done on State owned intertidal zone beach at a privately owned island. Surprisingly remote and unpicked like parts of N. Sanibel. I recommend the lunch trips for those wishing to reserve a trip for friends or relatives as a gift.

What is Cabbage Key all about?(click & see )

Trip No. 3:----- $200.00 gives 6 passengers a three day 2 night cruise with overnights at Cabbage Key. The first day starts off with a departure from Fort Myers beach and a lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant,if desired, on the Southern end of Pine Island, else at the Tween Waters Inn on Captiva Then its on to the beaches for some shelling or swimming, and a break at Barnicle Phils, a small burger stand cafe out in the middle of no-where, well not really, but only accessable by boat or seaplane. Finally its on to Cabbage Key and of course dinner and a hotel room sleep tight. Cabbage key charges a minimum of 2 nights so Mischief will remain in that area overnight. Day 2 begins with breakfast at Cabbage Key and a visit over to Cayo Costa State Park. When Lunch time comes around its over to Captn. Con's seafood restaurant on the Northern Tip of Pine Island, if weather permits. And then its on to Matlacha for some entertainment at Bert's bar. When the day is getting long, it will be Back to Cabbage Key and its relaxed isolation and great dining experience The next day it is a ride back South for a stop over at any of the restaurants along the way and then back home to point of beginning. A 60 mile round trip which provides a good look at the back bays behind the barrier islands of Charlotte Harbor. Guests may also bring coolers with their own beverages or lunches. Cabbage Key is an overnight suggestion. Camping is available on Cayo Costa State Park as well. Matlacha has a small waterfront hotel called the Brigewater Inn as a third alternative.

Trip No. 4:----- $100.00 gives 6 adults a night fishing trip with a night out on the Gulf at anchor. FISHING POLES,TACKLE,BAIT provided for night fishing. Passengers to carry their own saltwater fishing licenses. Summer fishing in Upper Matanzas near dock lights for snook or sheepshead in winter. Possible fishing on May Reef in Fall and Spring otherwise Inshore fishing.

All these restaruants can easily be visited while on trip 5

here is a waterfront Restaurant down at the South end of Estero Island

This restaurant is along the Way to Mound Key

This restaurant is located about a half mile South of Mound Key

This a hiking trip in the back bay behind Fort Myers Beach

Trip No. 5:----- $50.00 gives 6 adults a back bay tour to Mound Key plus a stop off at a waterfront Restaurant for lunch if desired.

Have 10 Minutes-Read Memoirs of Hernando Fontenada on Florida 1566. Translation to English 1854 "Mentions Miami, Tampa, Apalachee, Alligators, racoons, Local Indians the Calusa and their Chief Carlos.

The following are links for hotels which may be desired once or twice on the Trip No 6. Customers have a lot of exposure to the elements on this trip so the hotels are available if you need one for rest.

here is a link to a hotel next to the Naples City Docks in Naples Florida

Here is a link for a hotel in Goodland Florida

This is a link for the Rod and Gun Club in Everglades City which would mostly likely be visited in trip No. 6.

This link shows that the old Flamingo Lodge was destroyed by hurricanes in 2005 but a campground is open with showers now at Flamingo in the Everglades National Park.

Here is one of many fine hotels and Marinas at Marathon just a few minutes walk from Boot Key Harbor at Marathon.

This is the lowest cost hotel on old Key West, $99 bucks a night. it really isn't that bad.

Here is a press release for the 2013 Everglades Seafood Festival, its centered around a turn of the century courthouse when Everglades City was the County Seat.

Trip No. 6------$100 per day. gives 6 passengers a trip to the Northern Everglades and down to Florida Bay, Key West, or the Marquesas, if desired, and weather permitting. First night will be spent at Naples or Goodland depending on the weather where hotels are available if desired. If the sail down to Naples was a beat against the wind, often customers will want to use a hotel to relax and warm up. Though many do prefer to cook their own dinners on board not only with their own groceries, but the ample number of Sports fishing boats at the Naples City Dock usually guarantees that fresh fish is available directly at the dock. If ideal weather is present due to the wind being from behind then a rapid sail down to Marco Island or Goodland on the first day could be attempted. It is 21 miles to Naples and another 10 or so to Marco and this is all easily achieved in a day if weather permits Otherwise, the first night is usually in Naples. In both cases Rookery Bay should be visited at some point because it is one of the largest Birding areas in the State with virtually no development for over 10 miles of Florida Interior Coastline. Rookery Bay is considered as the Northern extent of the Ten Thousand Islands. Meals are available at both Factory Bay at Marco or in Goodland. A convenient hotel is available at Goodland if desired. Beyond Goodland is the entrance to the Everglades with Everglades City being the next Port of Call. The Rod and Gun Club has fine rooms for rent if you prefer a hotel room at this stage of the journey. The next day can involve a breakfast at the Club if desired, and a walk down to shops, small restaurants and a turn of the century trading post made into a museum, called "Smallwoods Store" in the village of Chokoluskie where lunch will be taken. There is a large seafood festival in this area on the first weekend of February, called the Everglades Seafood festival. At this point the direction of the trip depends on the direction of the wind. If favorable for a sail into Florida Bay, with a good forcast, an inside route toward Florida Bay will be attempted if desired. On this day, it could be out to the Gulf for a run down the coast of the Everglades to arrive at Shark River or Flamingo for the night. This 70 mile cruise which takes the entire day. At Flamingo there is a a campground operated by the National Park here at the very Southern tip of The Florida Mainland. About 10 miles before that location is a wide basin enclosed on three sides called the Shark River Basin, and this would be the only area along the Route where there would be no hotels if a natural anchorage was preferred. Guests may bring beverages in their own cooler. At this point you are only about 20 miles from the Florida Keys. Florida Bay is 20 miles across and at the other side is an anchorage at Marathon with hotels, Grocery Stores, and nightlife. At Marathon you are only about 50 miles from Key West and you are right at the 7 mile Bridge and will be going under it if the weather is favorable for sail to Key West. This covers a vast area of SW Florida , making anyone a native in as far as seeing what tourists rarely get to see Going the Inside route to Key West and Back covers an area of approximately 500 miles and can take a week or more when the winds are favorable.

Trip No. 7:----- $50.00 per day for either sailing instruction or a captain for hire on their own boat. good .Great WAY TO LEARN THE LOCAL AREA or we sail down to the Florida Keys and keep a look out for refugees.

Trip No.8:----- $50 gives 6 adults a 2 hour boat ride aboard Mischief in the back bay behind Estero Island in a route simular to the Mound Key hicking trip. This can also be a trip out to the Gulf for the purpose of releasing burial ashes into the sea.


Since my new boat will only draw 1.5 feet, this place will be visited, but with only the highest respect for the little tortoise who lives there. 1

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